1. Do they study English every Tuesday morning?

2. Romi goes to school by bus.

3. Does the teacher explain the lesson in front of the class.

4. My brother does his homework carefully.

5. My daughter washes her hair twice a week.

6. John loves eating pizza

7. Olga is singing a song beautifully.

8. Does Shanti get up at five?

9. Harry doesn’t go to school because he is sick.

10. Mother cooks rice in the kitchen.

11. Tommy rides his bike very fast.

12. Thalia has breakfast before going to school.

13. Look. he is giving Mario a birthday present.

14. Mario celebrates his birthday in September.

15. The students are listening to the teacher’s explanation.

16. I like the white T-shirt, not the red one.

17. Julia has two brothers.

18. The little boys are playing hide and seek.

19. Sammy is closing the windows because it’s going to rain.

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