The Perfect Environment For Teenagers

At some point, every teenager deals with issues in their life, whether it’s being misunderstood, not fitting in, not feeling like you’re good enough, or family issues. The standards that society has enforced on us often keep us from loving ourselves for who we are and make us feel like we need to change in order to please those who are around us. 

Every individual has different needs, whether it is to feel loved, to have someone to talk to, or to have self-confidence. The perfect environment would be a place where everyone is accepted for who they are, there are no beauty standards, no racism, homophobia, or sexism, people don’t judge others based on stereotypes, and everyone gets to be who they want to be and love who they want to love.

There is also the stress from being pressured to do well in school or else you’re going to fail and live a miserable life. Because of this, most students just memorise what they are told to in hopes of passing their exams, but later on in life are not able to utilize the knowledge that they were supposed to learn. If we could create a program that would actually try to help students and teach them the things they need to know in a way that would make them want to learn, we could change the world. Students wouldn’t have to go through so much stress thinking of ways to pass that one test at the end of the year that will determine their future.

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