About Myself

My name is Anahit Avetisyan. I’m sixteen years old and study in 11th grade at the Mkitar Sebastaci educational complex. The subjects I like most at school are English and mathematics. I know three languages which are Armenian, Russian, and English. My hobbies include drawing, reading, watching films, playing volleyball, going out with friends, etc. I am fairly good at math and essay writing. I’m also interested in psychology and the study of the human brain, so I plan on majoring in psychology at college. I wish to study abroad to enhance my knowledge of different countries and the people living. My friends are definitely some of the major components that have contributed to my development as the person I am today because they have allowed me to place myself in an environment that would stimulate me both socially and mentally. I expect this class to give me the opportunity to better my English and to also allow me and my classmates to have discussions on topics that concern us, which would give us the chance to enhance our speaking and also our communicative and argumentative skills.

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