Reading Books or Watching Movies

This question has often caused numerous debates between people in society but the answer really comes down to what each individual prefers more. Books are a great way to challenge our minds and cramp up large amounts of information in our brains since we become familiar with different topics and they may go into a lot more depth than some movies offer. They allow the reader to put themselves into the characters’ shoes and understand each of their motives and backstories more in depth. Some may say they give people the opportunity to live ‘multiple lives’ because of the different scenarios and plots they contain. There are people who may prefer movies because of how interesting and low effort to watch they are. Movies awaken different emotions inside of people and can grasp their attention for longer periods of time than books since our eyes eventually become tired after reading for long periods of time. They are also better at helping the people watching visualize the scenarios and imagine the characters. People who have trouble reading or grasping long texts will undoubtedly appreciate them. In conclusion, the answer comes down to the personal preferences of each individual. I personally love both but tend to watch movies more because they allow me to multitask while also being entertained by my favorite characters.

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