The Characters Who Changed The World

This character not be very popular with some but I still consider it an influential one for those who have gotten to know her. Sadness, the deuteragonist from the movie Inside Out, is one of the five emotions in Riley’s, the main character’s, mind. The film portray’s emotions in a way that is easy for children to grasp and understand. It shows how sadness is a necessary emotion and how vital it is for humans to experience a range of different emotions. Sadness allows us to listen to ourselves and process our feelings instead of burying them inside. In the movie, the character helps the viewers understand that happiness can’t be achieved without also facing the down-lows of life. Through her quest to broaden teenage Riley’s emotional palette, Sadness has helped an entire generation of kids (and parents) understand the value of mourning and the healing power of a good, healthy cry.

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