How Do People Celebrate New Year Around The World

Every culture celebrates New Year in their own way. They have different traditions, customs, events, foods, and other festive ways to make the holiday special. In Japan, for example, celebrating Christmas is relatively new. It has only been recognized for the past couple of decades and is often seen as a time to spread joy and cheer instead of a religious holiday. It’s common for many to order KFC for Christmas dinner or go to restaurants instead of cooking at home. In Poland, New Year begins with sharing the Oplatek, a paper-thin wafer made out of flour that has an image of the Nativity on it. A piece is broken off and a holiday greeting is shared by everyone at the table. In Slovakia, people enjoy carp for Christmas Eve dinner, but instead of picking it up from the supermarket, they let it live in the bathtub for a couple of days before preparing and eating it; it is said that the scales bring luck and good fortune for the coming year. In Sweden, celebrations involve candlelit processions, with the eldest girl in each family dressed up like St. Lucia in white gowns, wearing a wrath with candles. The girls also serve the family S-shaped Lucia buns and coffee or mulled wine. In Germany, markets pop up all over the country, allowing people to do Christmas shopping with a mug of mulled wine in hand. It’s common in Britain for kids to hang their stockings at the ends of their beds so that they wake up to a sweet surprise. In Mexico, families celebrate Nochebuena on Christmas Eve, which includes a huge feast, singing and dancing, and often a piñata for the kids.

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