Pasta consists of flour, water, salt, and sometimes egg. Over the centuries, Italians invented a range of shapes and sauces to enhance the taste of pasta.

         Pasta in Italy is always served in small portions after the first appetizer. Only recently, North American restaurants have started serving pasta as a main course, after discovering that expensive proteins like seafood, meat sauce, and blending them with bulky pasta can stretch bacon. This basic food has now become so famous that there are several manufacturers outside of Italy, mainly in France, Germany, the USA, Argentina, and Spain just to name a few, but connoisseurs agree that Italian dry pasta manufacturers’ products are superior in taste. They use hard durum flour from Canada. De Cecco, Barilla, Del Verde are highly recommended brands. In Canada Primo, Italpasta, and Catelli are famous and represent good value.

         Pasta is a relatively simple product and can be produced at home by anyone. The difficulty of pasta production is how simple it is. There are only a few ingredients and everything must be in perfect proportions for satisfactory results.

         Over the years, pasta has evolved into an extraordinary number of varieties and shapes that people can enjoy on a night out with their friends and family.

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