A New Year A New Start

A New Year symbolizes a new start for everyone, a year to set their goals and achieve what they have always wanted to achieve. Some prefer to spend it by having dinner with their family, following traditions that trace back to their ancestors, playing Christmas games, or partying with their friends. Some people may prefer to spend it alone by going Christmas shopping, making hot chocolate and Christmas cookies, or watching Christmas movies.

One way I can think of improving my life in the new year is by living more in the moment. Not worrying about insignificant things, and working on being the best version of myself that I can be. Focus on my goals and where I would want to see myself years from now. If I could have one New Year’s wish, I would wish for COVID to be over, so that life could go back to normal, and no more families would have to grieve the loss of their loved ones. If I could celebrate the New Year from anywhere in the world, I would go to New York. I would go to New York because I love the way every street is decorated for the holidays, the snow, the shopping centres full with presents and candles that remind you of Christmas.

The Perfect Environment For Teenagers

At some point, every teenager deals with issues in their life, whether it’s being misunderstood, not fitting in, not feeling like you’re good enough, or family issues. The standards that society has enforced on us often keep us from loving ourselves for who we are and make us feel like we need to change in order to please those who are around us. 

Every individual has different needs, whether it is to feel loved, to have someone to talk to, or to have self-confidence. The perfect environment would be a place where everyone is accepted for who they are, there are no beauty standards, no racism, homophobia, or sexism, people don’t judge others based on stereotypes, and everyone gets to be who they want to be and love who they want to love.

There is also the stress from being pressured to do well in school or else you’re going to fail and live a miserable life. Because of this, most students just memorise what they are told to in hopes of passing their exams, but later on in life are not able to utilize the knowledge that they were supposed to learn. If we could create a program that would actually try to help students and teach them the things they need to know in a way that would make them want to learn, we could change the world. Students wouldn’t have to go through so much stress thinking of ways to pass that one test at the end of the year that will determine their future.

Armenian Cuisine

Armenian cuisine consists of different traditional foods and methods of making these, which reflects the history of Armenians. The cuisine is rich in vegetables, meat, fish, and lentils, but the primary components are lavash, lamb, and eggplant. Popular foods are dolma, khorovats, ghapama, gata, baklava, harissa, jengyalov hac, etc. Dolma is minced meat mixed with rice and different herbs and spices, wrapped in grape leaves. In Armenian, khorovats means grilled meat or barbecue, and is typically made with lamb or pork. Ghapama is a stuffed pumpkin dish which consists of boiled rice and a variety of dried fruits and plums. Gata is a very common Armenian pastry, and each region has its own variant of the pastry, with different decorations, shapes, or sizes. Baklava is similar to a Turkish dessert with a similar name, and is made of layers of phyllo pastry filled with nuts. Harissa is similar to a thick porridge, made from roasted or cracked and fatty meat.

Armenian cuisine is an example of how history influences the culinary traditions of every land. It is full of different traditions and cooking methods tracing back to over 2000 years ago.

Boy Scouts

The boy scouts was an organization originally for boys from 11 to 14 or 15 years of age, that aimed to develop in them good citizenship, chivalrous behavior, and skill in various outdoor activities. The Boy Scout movement was founded in Great Britain in 1908 by a cavalry officer, Lieutenant General Robert S.S. (later Lord) Baden-Powell, who had written a book called Scouting for Boys (1908). Baden-Powell’s book described many games and contests that he had used to train cavalry troops in scouting, and it became popular reading among the boys of Great Britain. Prior to the book’s publication, Baden-Powell held an experimental camp on Brownsea Island off the coast of southern England in which he put into practice his ideas on the training of boys.

HIs idea was that boys should organize themselves into small natural groups of six or seven under a boy leader—the patrol and patrol leader. Their training would consist of such things as tracking and reconnaissance, mapping, signaling, knotting, first aid, and all the skills that arise from camping and similar outdoor activities. To become a scout, a boy would promise to be loyal to his country, help other people, and in general obey the scout law, itself a simple code of chivalrous behavior easily understood by the boy.


Nowadays, teenagers face a lot of problems. These include bullying, stress, self esteem and body image, depression, academic problems, teen pregnancy, social media, addictions, and so on.

Every teenager, sometime in their life, feels the urge to fit in with others, which causes them to try and change themselves. He/she will start wearing makeup, change hobbies, use substances, fake their personality, etc. just to please their friends.

Many students resort to bullying because their friends do so, or because they have problems at home and want to take out their anger on others. Bullying can really take a toll on people. It can lower a person’s self esteem, make them feel worthless and hate themselves, or drive someone suicidal.

I feel like most teenagers are misunderstood. They hide their feelings and emotions because they are afraid of being hurt. Hide their sadness and anger behind a smile, because they are afraid of being annoying or a bother to people. Hate their unique traits, because it makes them stand out from everyone else. They just need someone to talk to, someone to tell them that they are enough and not alone, and that their feelings are valid.


  1. When did the modern Olympic games start?

April 6, 1896

2. How long does it take for the sun’s rays to reach the earth?

8 minutes

3. What was Neil Armstrong doing when he said in 1969, ‘That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for the mankind.’?

He took a “small step” onto the surface of the moon

4. If you are flying over the International Date Line, which ocean is below you?

The Pacific Ocean

5. What doesn’t a vegetarian eat?


6. What does www. stand for?

World Wide Web

7. Where were glasses invented?


8. How many times has Brazil won the world cup?



1. Do they study English every Tuesday morning?

2. Romi goes to school by bus.

3. Does the teacher explain the lesson in front of the class.

4. My brother does his homework carefully.

5. My daughter washes her hair twice a week.

6. John loves eating pizza

7. Olga is singing a song beautifully.

8. Does Shanti get up at five?

9. Harry doesn’t go to school because he is sick.

10. Mother cooks rice in the kitchen.

11. Tommy rides his bike very fast.

12. Thalia has breakfast before going to school.

13. Look. he is giving Mario a birthday present.

14. Mario celebrates his birthday in September.

15. The students are listening to the teacher’s explanation.

16. I like the white T-shirt, not the red one.

17. Julia has two brothers.

18. The little boys are playing hide and seek.

19. Sammy is closing the windows because it’s going to rain.


  1. John and Mary ……. the radio.

a. are listening on b. are listening to c. is listening on d. is listening to

John and Mary are listening to the radio.

2. What’s his name?

a. It’s name Jack b. It’s a Jack c. It’s Jack’s name d. It’s Jack

It’s Jack.

3. The lamp is …….. the television.

a. at b. next to. c. near of d. between

The lamp is next to the television.

4. My brother is writing ………

a. by a pencil b. with pen c. in a paper d. in a book

My brother is writing in in a book.

5. Monday is the first day

a. Tuesday is the second b. The second is Thursday c. Tuesday is the fourth d. The fourth is Thursday.

Tuesday is the second.

6. Micheal ….for the Bank since last year.

a. did work b. has worked c.does work d. works

Michael has worked for the Bank since last year.

7. I’m really looking forward ….. this exercise

a.to finish b.finishing c. finish d.to finishing

I’m really looking forward to finishing this exercise.

8.Suddenly, we heard a loud noise, but outside, there ……..there!

a.was nobody b. is anybody c. wasn’t nobody d.was somebody

Suddenly we heard a loud noise, but outside, there was nobody there.

9. Michael………Paris in the morning

a.to leaving b leaves for c  is leaving for d. leave to

Michael is leaving for Paris in the morning.

10. a. What’s like the weather? b. How’s the weather? c. What’s the weather like? d. How the weather is?

Options B and C can both be used.

11. I ….. working at night nowadays.

a. used to b. used c. am used to. d would

I am used to working at night nowadays.

12. I wish I ….. a million dollars, I’m tired of being poor.

a. have b would have c.had d. had had

I wish I had a million dollars, I’m tired of being poor.

13.  ….. in telling me these lies, because you know I don’t believe you.

a. There is no use b.  It is no point c.It is no use d. It is usefulness

There is no use in telling me these lies, because you know I won’t believe you.

14.  By this time tomorrow we ….. the meeting.

a. will have b. will have had c. are having d.will had had

By this time tomorrow, we would have had the meeting.

15.  “We’ll never be able to do it” said the man to nobody ……

a.   especially  b. specially  c.  in particular d. himself 

We’ll never be able to do it” said the man to nobody in particular.

16. fulfil

a. carry out b. be thirsty. c. supply d. prove

a. carry out

17. collapse

a. build b. fall down. c. stay safe d. keep safe

b. fall down

18. prospect

a. cause b. expectation. c. approach d. promotion

b. expectation

19. proficient

a. proud b. skilled c. wise d. well – known

b. skilled


a. wear b. stiff c. necessary d. unimportant

c. necessary

21. Match the words with their meanings

  1. conventional – e. customary
  2. prohibit – g. ban b. creative
  3. lift – a. elevator
  4. disperse – f. scatter
  5. cogent – d. convincing
  6. ingenious – b. creative
  7. vibrate – c. fluctuate

From the bold words find the one which is not correct.

22. Some fish live at such enormous depths that they are almost complete blind

Complete blind

23. Animals that live in cold climates often hibernate throughout the winter when food is scarcely.


24. Morse code was an important way to send messages before the telephone and radio are invented.


25. Language is an important factor in the accumulate of culture.



  • How many phone calls do you make every day?

Approximately 5-6 phone calls

  • How many of them are in English?


  • What are the most common reasons people call you at work?

I don’t go to work

  • Do you prefer to make a phone call or write an email? Why?

I prefer to make phone calls because they’re easier and more convenient

  • What is the most annoying thing about using the phone?

Using all of your mobile data and not being able to call anyone

  • What advice would you give to someone who feels nervous about calling someone?

Don’t be nervous and just be yourself

Task 2: Complete the phrasal verbs with words given below.

slow down : to reduce the speed at which something happens, e.g. you speak
think through : to carefully consider the possible results of doing something
hang on : to end a phone conversation
write down : to record information on paper
freeze up : to be unable to think of anything to say, especially because you are nervous
calm …….. : to begin to feel more relaxed and less emotional

  • How often do you feel stressed about having to phone someone?

Only when I don’t know the person very well.

  • Which pieces of advice mentioned in the video do you sometimes follow?

I don’t follow any of those tips, because I don’t have trouble talking on the phone.

  • What is stressful about using English on the phone


  • Have you ever had any misunderstanding during a phone call?


End Of The Year

Hello. I’m Anahit Avetisyan and I am a ninth grader. Even in the middle of this pandemic, we are still finding ways to learn and contribute to our knowledge of the English language. This year, we have learned many new things, such as present tense, passive voice, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, etc. For each new topic we learned, our teacher would always make sure to give different examples and tips so that we would understand the topic better. We would watch short films, do different exercises, and even play games sometimes.

I think all of us are a little upset that we didn’t get to finish the rest of the year with our classmates, but we understand that it’s for our own safety. I hope that quarantine will be finished by the time we reach September, so that we can have an amazing school year to make up for the things we missed this year. I want to thank my teacher and my classmates for the wonderful experience I had this year.