• How many phone calls do you make every day?

Approximately 5-6 phone calls

  • How many of them are in English?


  • What are the most common reasons people call you at work?

I don’t go to work

  • Do you prefer to make a phone call or write an email? Why?

I prefer to make phone calls because they’re easier and more convenient

  • What is the most annoying thing about using the phone?

Using all of your mobile data and not being able to call anyone

  • What advice would you give to someone who feels nervous about calling someone?

Don’t be nervous and just be yourself

Task 2: Complete the phrasal verbs with words given below.

slow down : to reduce the speed at which something happens, e.g. you speak
think through : to carefully consider the possible results of doing something
hang on : to end a phone conversation
write down : to record information on paper
freeze up : to be unable to think of anything to say, especially because you are nervous
calm …….. : to begin to feel more relaxed and less emotional

  • How often do you feel stressed about having to phone someone?

Only when I don’t know the person very well.

  • Which pieces of advice mentioned in the video do you sometimes follow?

I don’t follow any of those tips, because I don’t have trouble talking on the phone.

  • What is stressful about using English on the phone


  • Have you ever had any misunderstanding during a phone call?


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