Nowadays, teenagers face a lot of problems. These include bullying, stress, self esteem and body image, depression, academic problems, teen pregnancy, social media, addictions, and so on.

Every teenager, sometime in their life, feels the urge to fit in with others, which causes them to try and change themselves. He/she will start wearing makeup, change hobbies, use substances, fake their personality, etc. just to please their friends.

Many students resort to bullying because their friends do so, or because they have problems at home and want to take out their anger on others. Bullying can really take a toll on people. It can lower a person’s self esteem, make them feel worthless and hate themselves, or drive someone suicidal.

I feel like most teenagers are misunderstood. They hide their feelings and emotions because they are afraid of being hurt. Hide their sadness and anger behind a smile, because they are afraid of being annoying or a bother to people. Hate their unique traits, because it makes them stand out from everyone else. They just need someone to talk to, someone to tell them that they are enough and not alone, and that their feelings are valid.

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